Women-led businesses we love

Women-led businesses we love

When Dominique and I started Wunderlife, almost three years ago, it’s fair to say we were taking a leap in the dark.

Neither of us had started a business before but what we had in common was a desire to create something we had a passion for, to bring excitement and challenge back to our careers while also freeing up time to be flexible around our families. Basically, we wanted more of what made us happy, and less of what didn’t!

Like all start-ups we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs and certainly, our strength, determination and the support of family and friends have carried us through. 

But another thing we didn’t expect we would rely on so much, has been the support, friendship and advice offered so freely by many other women-in-business we’ve had the pleasure to meet along the way.

In the spirit of giving back, we’d like to give a little shout out to some of these truly amazing women, and their businesses, that have helped and inspired us.  We hope you might also be inspired by what they offer!

Kerri Middleton of BusyB – product designer and mum of three, Kerri Middleton launched her business in 1998 with a nifty Christmas card holder she had designed while travelling around Australia. BusyB now has a range of clever stationery products designed to make family life simpler, more organised and beautiful. You could win one of Kerri’s great family diaries by entering our competition!

Carol Smillie of Pretty Clever Pants – she may be that ‘telly girl’ but Carol is also one of the nicest and most down to earth people you could meet. We first met Carol through Entrepreneurial Spark where Carol had launched her waterproof pants, designed for ‘Life’s Little Leaks’ and we’ve enjoyed following her progress since then, right up to her recently announced global deal with television shopping channel High Street TV!

Mandy Bailey of Plant n’ Grow – launched by Mandy and her husband Graeme, Plant n’ Grow produce a range of indoor and outdoor, grow your own kits, and it’s not just muddy carrots, you can also indulge in their fabulous Gin and Prosecco garden cocktail kits. Sounds like our kind of gardening!

Sorcha O’Connor of Sealblades – Sorcha and her husband Alex, designed these incredibly clever retractable hand paddles, designed to make paddling easier and to ensure you have more fun in the water, whether you’re swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or more. My two water-loving boys had a ball paddling about with these in the summer.

Kylie Reid of Edinburgh Gossip Girls. We simply love being a part of the Edinburgh Gossip Girls community! Started by Kylie as a Facebook group to swap tips and recommendations about local Edinburgh businesses and services, Edinburgh Gossip Girls has grown in to a full-time business with over 10,000 members and a waiting list. In 2017, Kylie launched a members’ card and website and many local businesses, including Wunderlife, have ‘EGGs’ (as we like to be known) to thank, after being recommended in the group.   

We wish you all a happy and successful Christmas!

Melissa x

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