Wishing you a mindful Christmas

Wishing you a mindful Christmas

Christmas can be such a busy time, especially for Santa’s little elves, otherwise known as MUMS. Everybody is talking about feeling festive and all the shop windows are looking so pretty but somehow, the closer Christmas Day gets, the more anxious I feel when thinking about the ever growing TO DO LIST still waiting to be ticked off. 

I once read a lovely quote from the German novelist Theodor Fontane (1819 – 1898) which always comes to my mind when things are getting on top of me: “Calm, peace, a sofa and a cup of tea is sometimes all you need”. It’s so true, the most simple things in life often make the greatest difference and they are actually quite easy. All we have to do, is slow down in our tracks for a short moment, take a deep breath and let our thoughts flow. 

And while we're at it, why not, use this precious moment of peace and quiet to ponder over some of these questions I came across on German mindfulness website, mymonk.de. I find it’s quite interesting what happens when you give yourself some time to contemplate the following…

  • What single decision are you going to make next year that will bring about true change? 

  • With whom would you like to spend more time? 

  • What in your life are you taking too seriously and what should you pay more attention to? 

  • When did fear stop you doing the right thing? 

  • When did you feel last like an adventurer? 

  • What is your next important step in life? 

  • What do you miss the most in your life? 

  • What makes you proud and what would make you even prouder? 

  • What does freedom mean to you? 

Have a happy and mindful Christmas.

Dominique x

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