The Brug on ITV This Morning

The Brug on ITV This Morning

We sent the Brug speculatively to This Morning some time ago, hopeful but never really expecting that it would be chosen for a summer themed product demo on the show.

After several follow ups with no response we chalked it up to nothing ventured, nothing gained and moved on. There are endless avenues and opportunities to explore when trying to get publicity for your business but the harsh reality is that very, very few of them come to fruition. It's part of starting a business and you come to expect it, not let it get you down.

So imagine our delight and excitement on 13 July when we received a one line email from the production team at This Morning to let us know the Brug would be featured on that morning's show.

I was on holiday in France at the time and Dominique was holding the fort back home in Edinburgh. Cue frantic texts and emails to check stock levels on Amazon and our website and update our social media channels.

It was hugely exciting but also nerve wracking.

We had no idea how This Morning were planning to show the Brug or at what time; would they do it justice when they demo'd it and what information would they give the viewers?  It's very much like sending your PFB (that's 'precious first born' in Mumsnet speak) out in to the world for the first time. It's hard to hand over control, you just desperately want everything to be 'right'!

Finally, Steve Wilson's Ultimate Garden Party slot rolled around and there, on the TV was our Brug! I was watching via Facetime on my phone from the picnic area at Aqualand so I didn't get the best view but it was just so exciting to hear Steve pick the Brug out from all the other 'rugs' and see Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield watching him demo it;  I just couldn't wipe the grin off my face! 

We've had lots of great PR for the Brug in the last couple of years but featuring on This Morning has without a doubt been the icing on the cake so far. Check out the clip for yourself below, (all credit due to ITV and This Morning for the footage!) 

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