Taking learning outdoors with the Brug

Taking learning outdoors with the Brug

During February half term we joined Highland Fling holiday club as they took their Brug on a trip to Craigmillar Castle.

Craigmillar Castle is a ruined medieval castle in Edinburgh, famous for once being used as safe haven by Mary Queen of Scots.

On this particular day, it wasn't the castle itself we were visiting but the woods behind it, taking a Brug packed with everything the group needed to enjoy some outdoor learning.

Paul, After School club manager and a Forest Schools specialist, packed tools, snacks, first aid kit and firelighting supplies and then we all piled in to the mini bus for the short drive from Highland Fling's base in Portobello.


The weather was fairly typical for a February day in Edinburgh. But the wind and the rain don't stop Highland Fling, a leading outdoor activity nursery and after school club with the motto 'Freedom For Kids'. The staff at Highland Fling aim to give children an abundance of outdoor time, helping them to form a strong connection with the natural environment and each other.


Once in the woods, Paul identified a safe and sheltered spot to set the Brug down while the children explored the surrounding area.  Turning quickly from bag to large water resistant rug, the Brug created an ideal surface to lay out the tools and equipment that Paul had brought along for the children to use.  The bright orange border is easy to spot from a distance and makes a distinctive home base for the children to come back to. 

As the wind picked up we decided to pack up the Brug and move the group out of the woods and on to Craigmillar Castle Park. The park was empty and while some of the children enjoyed the maze of climbing ropes, bridges and slides, others took a seat on the Brug to try their hand at whittling the sticks we had collected earlier. 


Soon it was time to pack up the Brug again, which by now was pretty muddy.  Not a problem as it can easily be chucked in the washing machine ready for the next adventure.

With the children chattering happily in the back of the minibus it was back to Portobello for a cookery lesson in the warmth of the Highland Fling kitchen!

For more information about Highland Fling visit their website: highlandflingchildcare.com
The Brug is available to buy from: wearewunderlife.com


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