'The School Inspector' reviews the Brug

'The School Inspector' reviews the Brug

In February 2016 we took a stand at the Early Years conference for all nurseries in Edinburgh.

On the day we were lucky enough to meet the wonderful and inspiring Professor Gervase Phinn who was delivering the keynote speech. 

If you don’t know of him, Gervase is a teacher, freelance lecturer, author, poet, school inspector, educational consultant and visiting professor of education.  A family man with four grown up children of his own, let’s just say he’s a bit of an authority on educating and raising children!

So, we were absolutely delighted when he not only mentioned the Brug in his speech but gave us the following quote for the website:

"Each year my wife and I took our four young children to France. We would spend many hours on the beach and were loaded down with bags and umbrellas, spades and buckets, cricket bats and footballs, towels and sun cream, rugs and windbreaks, the packed lunches and assorted bottles and all manner of other things. Packing up was a nightmare. Oh how I wish we had had a BRUG. It is such a simple concept but quite brilliant! The waterproof rug can in seconds be converted into a carrying bag in which all the paraphernalia can be piled and then carried like a holdall. For parents taking their children on holiday and teachers taking children on school trips the BRUG would be a godsend.”

What can we say but Thank You Gervase.  We wish you had a Brug too!


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