Easy crafts to make with your kids

Easy crafts to make with your kids

At Knitting For All we love knitting but we're also pretty obsessed with crafting.  As Christmas gets nearer I always look forward to getting some festive themed crafting done with both the children I work with and my own brood at home.

This year I have a Scottish nature theme on my mind....fir trees and squirrels, winking owls and cute otters... you know the type of thing.  I've been knitting some of these gorgeous native creatures for weeks now for my annual Christmas fair stall, but as beautiful as they are, they are a bit too complex and time consuming for wee hands...

Instead, for crafting with kids I like things to be deceptively simple (but look amazing), fun to do and of course cheap. There's no need to spend squillions in the craft shop when you can get outside and find many of your resources for free in our beautiful countryside.

I've been out foraging and would like to show you two delightfully easy Christmas crafts. These are suitable for toddlers onwards, small kids will have fun wrapping and creating and older kids (and adults) can take pleasure in planning the designs, creating patterns and using interesting textures and colours. All you need is a few twigs, some pine cones and some yarn.  It doesn't matter what colour of yarn you have - anything  kicking about the house will do, who said Christmas has to be tasteful?

Yarn Wrapped Twigs 

Simple yet effective...lay out a selection of yarn and let your child wrap away. Just tie your yarn on and wrap your sticks. You don't even need glue for this (if you are canny about leaving yarn tails for knotting). Make a whole pile of these woolly beauties and display in a vase. Why not add some fairy lights for extra Yuletide twinkle?

Yarn Wrapped Cones

Again, super simple for even the smallest hands. A spot of craft glue will hold your yarn in place on the base of the cone and wind your yarn in and out of the cone crevices. To finish each colour wind it back to the base of the cone and secure with a spot of glue, then start your next colour.   Layer it up creating texture and colour. I'm planning on having a whole pile of these in a basket next to my fire this year.

I hope you'll enjoy these woolly activities.  

If you or your child is interested in more activities like this, check out our website www.knittingforall.com to find knitting and craft classes in your area.

Merry Christmas Crafting!

Eilidh x

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