It all started with questions: Why does packing for a day out with the kids take so long? Why is there always so much stuff to carry around? Surely there's an easier way? Well now there is. 

After talking to hundreds of parents and childcare professionals about the challenges of taking children outdoors we designed what we believed could be the world's most functional bag and rug in one, the Brug®.

The Brug® doubles up as a bag and a rug; it's hard wearing, versatile and water resistant. It’s easy to use and works equally well indoors and outdoors.

Whether for travel, sports, camping, days out or indoor messy play, the Brug is a novel and convenient timesaver for busy families on the go.

The Wunderlife story


Hi, we’re Dominique and Melissa and we are Wunderlife!

We met in Edinburgh in 2014. We are both busy working mums with a common passion, which is to develop products that make it easier to enjoy the important things in life, like travelling, sport and the outdoors. Not just for families but for anybody with an active lifestyle. 

Our dream was to design a product that makes packing for a day out really easy, cuts down on the number of things to take and stores easily when not being used. Something that could be used for any outdoor activity but would work equally well in the home, to tidy up after children and protect surfaces from the inevitable messy spills. In short, we imagined the perfect solution to many of our headaches. And so, the Brug was born!

We hope you will find the Brug an all year round helper that frees up a bit of time in your life, allowing you to enjoy the things that really matter. 

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